Soo now you may think, what does a music section does in the Who Am I Section?? Lett me try and explain to you. A great deal of who I am can be found back in the music I play and listen to. You might even say I live with music, music is my life (but not my profession). Actually people might say I am slighty addicted to music (slighty??? ;))

The picture to the left was taking on a solist contest somewhere in Gelderland. It was not taking on the best moment ;) (While I was keeping my trumpet warm). Yes I play the trumpet, just for almost 3 years I guess.. Before that I played the Cornet. Which is in someway's just like a Trumpet, but a lot smaller.

Maybe one day I will put pictures of the youthly me (with cornet) on this site. But for now, this was all I had. I play with a “Fanfare” back at my home town. Which still is much fun. My Llttle brother also plays there. He's playing a 'Bugel', maybe also known as 'flugelhorn'. To the right you can see a picture of him (taken the same day).

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