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Hi and Welcome,

As you can see, this is my personal homepage. Here you can find some personal information about me, but also some other information.

Soo first off, My real name is Ronnie (I even listen to Ron). My nickname I very often use is (as you might have guessed by now) Gonio.

Now I want to tell you some off the information you can find here. If you want to know a little more about me? Then you must check out the “Who Am I” section. This section contains lot's of personality tests I made over time (for fun). Then there's you standard “Links” Section with some Links related to me.

The Section “Projects” contains some projects I am currently doing. As just is the “Scripts” section, which is there for people who kinda want to use my programmed scripts. And last but not least is the “E-Mail” Section. Here you can find information on how to contact me.

Have Fun and Greetings, Ron.

Welcome, to this first version

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